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New England Youth Theater
is a non-profit 501 (C)3 organization;
a community theater company
that needs to build their own theater for

New England Regional Theater Company


New England Regional Theater Company

New England Regional Theater Company (NERTC) is embarking upon its biggest journey yet...

A Fundraising Campaign to build a new theater for children and adults of the Mid-Coast Cionommunity!

NERTC recently became the recipient of a generous gift.   Bowdoin College located in Brunswick, Maine donated 350 theater seats and theater lighting from Kresge Auditorium during their renovations.  These seats await a new theater.  

NERTC is reaching out to the Community for tax-deductible sponsorships, advertisements in our programs, and any "in kind gifts" to help us build our theater.  Your donation to NERTC directly helps youth learn valuable life skills that reach beyond the stage and provides them with hands-on learning opportunities in the performing arts.  

Your meaningful donation to NERTC helps keep tuition and ticket prices affordable, scholarships available and community events for all ages and abilities accessible. 

"Help us build our Theater"

"Bringing youth and community members together to learn and perform!"

NERTC is a non-profit theater company which produces professional quality theater and musicals while providing educational training to students of all ages including the university level.

NERTC has recently reached out to adult community members to participate in theater and musical theater, to engage in the creative process and to spread awareness of the benefits of the performing arts. 

NERTC is known to develop and bring together the Mid-Coast Area's most talented and dedicated actors, singers and dancers with educated professional directors and musicians to create theater that challenges and educates aspiring performing artists.  

NERTC believes that when young people and adults have opportunities to participate in professional training in the arts, they become engaged artists who are empowered to focus, communicate and actively participate in a collaborative process.

NERTC is creating the next generation of performing artist and lovers of theater in the Mid-Coast Area.